Important Reminder about Federal/State Recovery Assistance from NYS OEM

From New York State Office of Emergency Management:
As we continue to recover from Hurricane Sandy, and at the same time, begin to prepare for the upcoming holidays, we want to make sure that our programs are reminded of two very important items necessary for applying for federal/state disaster recovery assistance:

The two key things to keep in mind in these initial weeks of the recovery are to:
1) Submit a Request for Public Assistance Form to NYS OEM RPA Form.
2) Document storm damage (photos of damage are particularly helpful) and track storm related costs.

Please submit the Request for Public Assistance form to NYS OEM by fax at (518) 322-4984, by email to John Grubsick at, or by ground mail at the mailing address below. All RPA forms are due at NYS OEM offices by Sunday, December 2, 2012 (30 days after the Presidential disaster declaration).

New York State Office of Emergency Management
State Campus Bldg. 22, Suite 101
1220 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12226
(518) 292-2293
Fax Number: (518) 322-4984

After the Joint Field Office closes…
DAO – Linda Moreno (518) 292-2388

You should also be aware of “Disaster Unemployment Insurance”. The New York State Department of Labor is offering Disaster Unemployment Insurance for businesses and individuals affected by Hurricane Sandy. If you live or work in one of the counties declared a disaster area and lost your job as a result of Hurricane Sandy, you may be eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA) relief. You may qualify for DUA even if you would not normally be able to get unemployment insurance benefits. The application deadline is February 4, 2013. For more information please go to:

And, finally, to support organizations impacted by Hurricane Sandy, DYCD will host a special information session to share resources and respond to questions about a wide range of issues, such as accessing federal assistance, reporting damaged equipment, replacing critical program documents, meeting contractual requirements, avoiding fraud and much more. This information session will take place at 156 William street, 2nd floor, on Tuesday, December 11th from 10:30am to noon. Presenters will include representatives from US FEMA, NYC DCA, NYS AG, and NYC DYCD.

To RSVP, send an email to or call (212) 341-9566. Please include your name, title, organization, email, and phone number when you RSVP.



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