Updated: Recovery Resources for Nonprofits and Clients from HSC

Please see HSC’s updated list of Hurricane Sandy resources for nonprofits HERE. HSC is working with government, our members, and others to compile information that is helpful to the sector.

Of particular interest to organizations who contract with the City, DYCD has given providers guidance on how to handle damaged documents in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

  • An inventory of hard copy documents that were damaged or destroyed, with as much specificity as possible. The list should be augmented by computer records. So, for instance, you can put down “Individual participant files for NDA Contract #xxx for FY 07”, and attach to it the computer record of all the participants in that program for that year. Any other program-related documents, such as correspondence with DYCD, should be listed and accompanied by computerized records, where possible.
  • An inventory of hard copy documents relating to budget and fiscal matters that were damaged or destroyed, for instance, receipts that would be used to back up claims submitted to DYCD for reimbursement. Again, the list should be accompanied by any computerized records that relate to these documents. o We advise that you take photos and submit as part of your inventory list.
  • A list of all equipment or furniture purchased with DYCD funds that were lost or damaged.
  • You will need to document your efforts to salvage what remains. You should get at least 3 bids from businesses that specialize in restoring documents. If the prices quoted are prohibitively expensive and you do not have the means to pay for the restoration, you should state that in your submission.
  • Once we get this submission, we will take it under consideration and issue you a letter of determination. Until you get such a letter, we must ask you to retain the records and documents that were impacted by the flooding.
  • For your information, below are some links to sites that offer information about wet records:

§ http://www.archives.gov/preservation/holdings-maintenance/wet-records.html

§ http://www.nps.gov/hfc/pdf/cons/wet-collection-recovery.pdf



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